“Thank God It’s Friday.” Remember Friday night TV shows in the 90s? Those were the glory days. As a kid, I would relish the time I got to spend in front of the boob tube watching new episodes of my all-time favorite TGIF flagship, Full House. Somewhere in the two hour block I watched Perfect Strangers with the lovable, zany duo: Balki Barokomous and cousin Larry (said in Balki’s Mytopian or, rather, his dead-on Mediterranean accent. Yes, that is sarcasm you are tasting…salty isn’t it?). Still, who didn’t love Balki? He was a crack up! And who could forget that culturally sensitive and in no way stereotypical show Family Matters with my favorite annoying “did I do that?” neighbor, Steve Urkel?! Those jokes just never ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER get old. I loved how the writers insisted on putting his catchphrases in every episode…now that’s brilliant writing. Take notes, guys, that is what the people want: to be pounded over the head with a stock character (whoa, sorry, my inner English teacher just surfaced. A stock character has something to do with stereotypes and archetypes and some other fancy “type” words…go ahead wikipedia it. No judgement). Anyway the whole Erkle loves Laura Winslow thing…couldn’t get enough of it, I’m telling you! Then, somewhere later in the two hour block was the culturally relevant, forward thinking, and in no way just a 90s version of the Brady Bunch, the show my parents didn’t want me to watch because there were some “bedroom scenes” with that silverfox of a dad complete with silver chest hair…(I now get why they wanted me to avert my eyes) and that super-hot Thighmaster mama…wait for it…the show Step by Step. Remember the cousin? Didn’t he live in a van in the driveway? All I can remember is that opening song with the happy, blended family enjoying the thrills and spills of Six Flags Magic Mountain with the edited-in wave sequence that covered the actual parking lot. It just looked so real as it nearly crashed into Colossus (that big white wooden roller coaster that is so fun to ride backwards). 

TGIF, indeed.

Do you remember the TGIF glory days? What was your favorite TGIF show? (I promise I won’t laugh even if you say Dinosaurs; that little baby yelling “not the mama” is damn funny).

Here’s a highlight video of some of the late greats:

2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Awww, yes!!!! LOVED TGIF!! And to this day, if I happen across an ep of Step by Step or Full House airing in syndication, I’m compelled to sit and watch! It takes me right back to the happy days of childhood. 🙂
    Oh, and yes I remember cousin Cody living in the driveway in his van! He was a crackup!


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