The Rocking


My heart swells
as I hold you
so tightly
in my arms

This is

I was
told that
I would
understand it
when I got
older, but I
didn’t believe

Until now.

Your sweet
little lashes
kiss your
soft doughy
cheeks, and I

I pray that you
that you will
be safe

I pray that
you will find

I pray that you
will feel

I pray that you
will find

I pray that you
will be

I pray that you
won’t feel

But mostly
I pray that you
close those
dark eyes
staring back
at me




The picture is of my daughter when she was only a week old. They say, all babies have blue eyes, but my daughter had gray steely eyes — her eyes have since turned into a rich brown color, which is stunning against her blonde curls and tan skin. I will never forget all those lovely (and sometimes not so lovely) nights rocking her to sleep. I would think she was finally asleep only to look down and see her dark eyes intently staring back at me, so I would pray — just as I pray now for her and others who are dear to me. 

3 thoughts on “The Rocking

  1. It’s a crazy world out there just waiting to devour them. And so we hum them tired little nothings as they lay on us. We pray wonderful things for them. We make sure all they know is love. Not a day goes by that my little poo doesn’t make me shed a tear out of sheer joy. There are some tough days where we wonder what the hell we were thinking, (we were 7 short years away from being empty nesters before the baby came) but the realization of just how much of a miracle they are kicks in so quickly.
    Such a beautiful picture and just as beautiful words. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jason. It can be a dark place, this world we live in, but I hold out hope that little pockets of goodness and kindness will continue to shine — and that’s why I keep praying. My little one was a surprise for me and my husband, but she is the best surprise I have ever experienced. Again, thanks for reading and thanks for the kind words.

      P.S. The count down to empty nesting recalculates…that’s all…we are counting down too… 😉

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      1. Yes, indeed. All we can do is pray. our oldest (she’ll be 21 in a couple of months)is out of the house, and our middle child is practically an adult (she 12, mind you haa!!) so she’ll be flying the coop, soon enough. Then came the little surprise (she’s 19 months old…wow times flies!)! But it’s just like you said, the best surprise ever experienced! Thank you, always, for sharing 🙂

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