Love Me Like a Metaphor


Love me like a metaphor

Bathe me in your words

Intoxicate my thoughts

Enliven me in verbs.


Emanate my breathless tone

Nullify my pain;

Conjugate each falling star

Steady love’s refrain.


Speak forms of love in diction kind

Sing lilting songs of joy;

Command the syntax of our hearts

Compose my words held coy.


Conjunct in me your grace, your strength,

Inspect my passion’d curves.

Come diagram my heat undone,

Relent my sweet reserves.


Love me like a metaphor

Call forth my form’s desire

Satiate my needs aflame

Douse me with your fire.


24 thoughts on “Love Me Like a Metaphor

  1. I loved this; very clever use of metaphor and simile. Thanks for sharing . For me “Expectorate my breathless tone” is not an entirely pleasant image – I lived in Singapore for a long time and it was against the law to ‘expectorate” – still makes me gag. Loved it otherwise and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Yes, expectorate is a startling verb to use — I meant it as a cough or to expel, but I like the gritty sound of the word and the even more raw meaning behind it. It all can’t be roses and butterflies…love is messy — almost like a kind of sickness — and one that I don’t want a cure for, I might add. Thanks for reading!

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