I Love

to my kind and loving husband


Poetry used to be my escape

But with you there is no need

To run, hide, or bury my heart

You foster a love in me unlike

Anything I’ve ever felt.

I’ve read many a love story

And have always allowed

For that grandsire to be offered

To others, those who do

Not live and breathe

The real stale air of normalcy.

I thought love and romance were relegated

To those hopeless, hapless folks who

Only ever wear their rosy shades.

I come from the ilk of a different kind

I see things for what they are:

Rosy, 3D, astigmatism, every pair of

Glasses have slipped from my nose

To decipher the real truth even if

It’s a blurry mess, I look with

Flawed eyes and see the truth.

I used to feel the jaded sedation

That life is only ever going to get worse.

But you—

You brought into my life a beauty

A Wonder,

A Love,

A Splendor,

That can only be described as real,

True Love.

The beauty of its simplicity is beyond me—

Beyond words and utterances.

It is something unlike anything

I’ve ever felt or experienced.

It encapsulates the true euphoria

I’ve read and seen in other’s lives—real and fiction.

Love is a powerful entity,

Something of which I’ve never

Truly experienced. It radiates

A heat and light that Fills

The voids of loneliness and despair.

Love can make you a stronger person

Love can make you a happier person

Love can make you

The best version of yourself that you

Can possibly strive to be.

I’ve learned so much from loving you.

I’ve learned there is no one else I’d rather


I’ve learned there is no other that my heart

Could indulge.

There is no other, but you,

My Love,

My Heart,

My Song,

My Strength,

My Everything.

I’ve learned from loving you

That love is enough

And will conquer all

Love is empirically defined

And finally, my heart is able to

Score the volumes of that

Sweet, yet profound meaning—

Of those simple resounding words

My heart, my body, my soul

Sings to you:

I love—you.

I love, you.

I love you

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