This evening as I was closing the upstairs window,

I saw her again,

Shining in the night’s sky.

Like an old friend I had almost forgotten

But she is constant, and it is only I

Who moves with the tides of change

Though it is the path I must continue. My road

Is singular and long, but it always

Leads me back to her. The chiastic nature

Of the heavens and the earth always

Affords me the beauty of her companionship,

If I choose to look for it. For, she does not flicker

Or fade or leave her path, and nor do I.

It is for that simple truth,

I smile towards the heavens,

Knowing that all is well and this too shall pass—

As she and I journey on separate

But inextricably linked courses ‘round the sun,

In our alternating orbicular destiny

To fight the battle that has already been won.



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