These Heavy Things

I am happy to announce that National Poetry Writing Month has commenced! Here is an original ekphrastic sonnet I wrote that was inspired by Pieter Bruegel’s painting, “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus.” I challenge you to join the poet’s community and write a poem a day in the month of April! Happy Writing!

The burning eye of light calls out to me.
Her siren song so gentle and so sweet:
Here my child, respite in thy majesty.
No sound to hear coarse winds drown out my bleat,
For me these heavy things are far too proud
And stifling. Release me from your hold
And leave me clothed in heaven’s glowing shroud:
Celestial body; glittering gold.
Onward they sail, the market’s still a buzz––
Plough on, ploughman, nothing to see or hear
Sunrise, sunset––all that will be and was––
Herd on, herdsman, no need to hide your fear
Icarus’ wax melts in the green sea
Small restless feathers floating aimlessly.