To the Artist from His Muse


Paint me…in your arms – Draw me in
Close enough to taste my skin.
Trace the lines of each wandering curve –
Letting your fingers do more than observe
Uncover each detail both small and wild,
Sketching my lips – drip sweet and beguiled;
And with a delicate hue of my whispered blush
Color my love with your amorous brush.
Shade in the places of soft, supple black,
Hold me in your canvas – hold nothing back.

5 thoughts on “To the Artist from His Muse

    1. I thought so too! There are more pictures from this Donna Karan editorial shoot. I just liked this one the best because he’s sketching her and she’s posing for him. And I do love a good fashion shoot, so what’s not to love, really 🙂


  1. Excerpt form the Handbook for Muses
    Care and Maintenance of Your Poet in Service

    In as much as you have been asked
    And in as much as you are considering accepting
    The time honored position of Muse
    By a Poet that has in fact offered his poetics efforts
    Here are a few . . . guidelines
    For proper care and feeding

    Poets are creatures that often appear to be human
    But be not deceived
    They are not in fact human beings
    And though the are often helpless and cute
    Much the same can be said for puppies
    Except that Poets typically don’t grow up

    Poets are a fairly rare breed
    And truly good poets are almost an extinct species
    Poets are typically divided into two
    distinct and different categories
    The first being ‘The Poet in Fact’
    This is a creature who’s native tongue is poetry
    If you have such in your service
    You can expect endless hours of entertainment
    You can expect fanatical rivers of passion
    And thought they can be a bit moody
    They are worth the price
    The second is called ‘The Vice-Versa’
    The instant you suspect that your poet might be of this breed
    Take them immediately to the nearest public park
    or Starbucks
    Distract them
    And leave them there without a forwarding address
    or email
    or (perish the thought, never give one you cell phone number)
    They may call and plead
    But under no circumstances
    allow them anywhere near you
    All who have permitted them to come skulking back
    Have regretted it
    They are like cats
    really bad cats
    And if you refuse to feed them
    they will eventually go away

    You can expect a full refund for you Vice-Versa
    But they can not be traded in on a Poet in Fact
    In reality you should not trust anyone who would
    plant a Vice-Versa on you in the first place

    Enough of that
    Once you have established
    that you have actually selected a Poet in Fact
    You might consider inspiring your poet to write
    (Most poets write nowadays
    on pads of legal paper
    its so much faster than printing
    But poets who type on computers are always suspect)

    To properly inspire your poet
    You must practice reading with a faint air of disdain
    You should not reject all of his offerings
    (the word offering is not used here by accident)
    Not all of them anyway
    90% is a good number
    Because poet must be disciplined like collies
    You must be firm
    But if you are too severe
    you will break their spirit
    Find the proper balance for your particular poet
    This may take several attempts
    But don’t worry
    Your poet won’t run off

    Your poet will also be inspired by the strangest things
    The way you hold your cup of Cappuccino Latté
    The way the current presidential administration
    has botched whatever things
    the poet professes to care about
    The curve of the sky
    the book read last night
    last Friday
    The book they only imagine they read

    Your poet must sometimes return
    to their inner child
    To remember what its like to see the world
    as a child sees it
    And there will be those memorable moments
    When your poet says something truly remarkable
    Something that you have wanted said all your life
    and said in exactly the right fashion
    Something that shows you what life is like
    on a higher plane
    And you will be tempted to . . .
    Well don’t
    You must never let your poet know you are satisfied
    You are the muse after all

    Never leave your poet out in the rain
    They are like baby turkeys and will drown
    in fact its illegal in 19 states and Porter Rico
    Read anything your poet hands you
    before you show your regal scorn
    If you show disdain in advance
    the poet will not grow properly
    Poets are not mushrooms
    And should not be left in the dark all the time

    If you take proper care of you poet
    You will never be bored
    And will in fact gain the adoration
    and offering as is your proper due
    Good Luck
    And remember the national Muse’s hot line

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